Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poems By Patrons

Twilight by Rev. Joan V.

The twilight years we'll
spend as one.
The growing pains have long
since gone.
The moans and groans of
aching bones brings us back
to the promise we made so
many years ago.
We've battled the storms the
ups and downs.
Now it's time for the rocking
chair shuffle.
You bring the blanket and I'll
get the tea.
We'll hold hands and rock
together, knowing our time
was spent in love.
There is nothing more we can
ask for.

Poems By Patrons

Not Dying by Mark S.

These wrinles are
These gray hairs are
This stomach which
sags with old food,
these bruised and
swollen ankles,
my darkening brain,
they are

I am the same boy
my mother used to kiss.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poems by Patron

On Adulthood's Front Porch

A youth standing tall
Who looks straight ahead
With chin held erect
By his tilted head.

Boldness and sadness
Do show on his face
He mounts the front steps
and takes a new place.

His hands are trembling
He lifts one to knock
His breathing is quick-
The door is unlocked

Passing from childhood
Then over to this place
One great decision
Stares youth in the face.

Turn back? Or press on?
The choice is one's own
Press on? Or turn back?
One chooses alone

A youth standing tall
Who never looked back
With chin held erect
Ne'er weary or slack.

Boldness and sadness
Do show on his face
He enters the house-
and takes his new place.

Britta M.
Age 15

Poems by Patrons

About Poetry

I'm not crazy about poetry
All rhymey and emotional
Makin' you cry when you don't want to
makin' you laugh unexpectedly

Can't you just say what you want to say?
Can't you just tell me how you feel?

I'm not crazy about poems
Drawing me into your poet world
Makin' me see what you see
Makin' me feel what you feel

Can't you just say what you want to say?
Can't you just tell me how you feel?

I am not crazy about poets
Everyone raving about how great they are
Makin' themselves important in your life
Makin' you feel terrible for not liking them

Can't you just say what you want to say?
Can't you just tell me how you feel?

NL 4/9/10

Poems by Patrons


Breakdown and Cry
Collapse and shatter
My world is falling apart
what does it matter

Nothing is right
You've made it all wrong
You've killed my light
And broken my song

The noted aren't the same
The melody won't play
None of this would happen
If you had only stayed

No more music
To sound in my head
Silenced and frozen
I hear darkness instead

No more chords
To be struck in my heart
This duet was doomed
Right from the start

A different tone
I begin to hear
A song of sadness
Despare and fear

Poems by Patrons

Green Valley Church Automotive Ministry

We recycle junkie cars.
through you,
Your clunker please!!
An old friend
movin' on.
New oil brakes and sparking plugs.
for a new life,
down the road.
Sometimes they ask...
What's that automotive ministry?
Do you pray for cars?
Yes, all the time.
Sometimes it works.
Sadley... not for all,
Some are called home.
Waiting patiently,
Assembled together.
Before they leave,
some donate their insides
For a brother down the road.
It's time to go,
Away for now.
Don't worry,
I'll be back!
A new life,
Through you.
Your Clunker please!!

Randy K.

Poems by Patrons


Black kitten sprung from jail
With your Halloween-colored sister.
An addendum, the keeper of company
for the more colorful one who caught our eye.

Generic black kitten, glowing green eyes
peering out from the pound of fluff.
Rolled around on the ride home
while your tiny spirit reached out.

Fat paws extended in trust
and the tiniest half meow.
Mere minutes elapsed
to feel the secret delight of you.

Slow, you were slow;
we thought you were dropped on your head.
And the belly bloated; many visits to the vet
Different potions to heal your ills.

A year later you're still slow
But your belly has receded.
Fluffy, big but not bursting, black cat
A lovable luxury to behold

So gentle and sweet are you that
Instead of birds and mice and flies
you still hunt leaves and sticks and pebbles.
And lie, trusting, with your belly to the sky.

Oh black cat with the easy heart
Slow, steady and sweet
I say Fiddle Dee I love you!
Out you squeak you half meow.